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Starter Kit

RM 168.00

Starter Kit

6 FOOD powder varieties in smaller size .

Travel Friendly !

Great to sample out different varieties !

Prefect as a Gift too !



容易搭配  , 宝宝喜爱的食物粉火爆组合 !
正是妈咪准备宝宝膳食好帮手 !

6小罐旅行带出门超方便 ! 


Powder Combination | Starter Kit 里有

*Note : We've different FOOD powder combination in Starter Kit varies among different retailer or online platform. The set we're having via Online Purchase as per picture above.

- Organic Mushroom Powder 20g | 有机香菇粉 20g

- Premium Scallop Powder 20g | 优质干贝粉 20g

- Natural Kombu Powder 20g | 天然昆布粉 20g

- Premium Chicken Powder 40g | 优质鸡粉 40g

- Premium Anchovy Powder 40g | 优质江鱼仔粉 40g

- Premium Whitebait Powder 40g | 优质银鱼粉 40g