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Pure Rice Puff Real Apple

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🔖How to choose Baby Rice Puff

❌ 99% of parents will make a common mistake when comes to choosing baby rice puff.
 Which is choosing the rice puff base on adult taste preference.

However, most adults has long adapted to robust flavour with heavy taste bud for saltiness, spiciness, heavy sweetness. 

Please bear in mind NOT to choose the rice puff for your baby based on adults taste preference.


Please bear in mind NOT to choose the rice puff for your baby based on adults taste preference.

Since babies’ brains and bodies are at a crucial stage of development, it is necessary to limit their exposure to potentially dangerous synthetic additive. 

Whenever choosing baby rice puff / cookies, parents need to carefully consider from the point of baby. Pay detail attention to the ingredients list to check what is actually made from, selecting those that are made with least ingredients, as pure as natural as original it could be. 

Therefore, the Zero added PURE baby rice puff is what parent need best for our precious little ones.

🔖 The Healthy Baby Snack that you are absolutely assured of 

Rice PUFF are ⛔ non-fried non-baked.
The principle of production is to rapidly decompressing the raw material under pressure. The structure of the baby rice cake is porous and fluffy, it is crispy and carries a taste of natural sweetness, with nutritional value that is the reason it is very popular among children. Our rice PUFF is mixed with pure natural fruits that rich in vitamins and calcium, which helps promotes the development of the children.

🔖 7 characteristics of MommyJ® Baby Pure Rice PUFF

👼 1. Non-fried (X heaty), non-baked (Minimise loss of nutrient)

Due to the formation in a very short period of time, the preservation rate of nutrients is high. In addition, the baby rice puff has a porous structure that promotes a high digestibility.

👼 2. Best & Safe Finger Food

Consuming any food carries certain risk of choke. In consideration of choking hazard, MommyJ® Baby Pure Rice PUFF is specially made in STAR shape with gap between the 4 corners to ensure there is space in the esophagus/airway to allow air to pass through easily.

(See figure: Red indicate airway; White indicates MommyJ® Baby Pure Rice PUFF. There is a gap between the four corners to allow air to circulate).

In addition, MommyJ® Baby Pure Rice PUFF easily dissolves and melts in baby’s mouth.

👼 3. Made PURE

MommyJ® Baby Pure Rice PUFF made from only 3 original ingredients:  1) white rice + 2) brown rice + 3) pure apples / pure bananas / pure blueberries. 

⛔ Generally, baby rice puff on shelf contain many unhealthy additives, such as: high fructose, corn syrup, sugar, salt, oil (vegetable oil vegetable oil / palm oil), artificial colouring, food flavouring, corn starch , with many unknown ingredients. What you put in your baby’s tummy might be the most important one of all. ⛔

👼 4. Not Fruits Extract nor concentrate

And the pure apple/pure banana/pure blueberry in MommyJ® Baby Pure Rice PUFF is pure fruit powder, not fruit extract nor concentrate. (Extract / essence / concentration is concentrated and refined, the active ingredients of the ingredients will become blunt. Relatively speaking, the nutrients are not high).

👼 5. SGS lab tested - Quality Assurance

MommyJ® Baby Pure Rice PUFF are brought to SGS – which is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company for lab test .And the test result is Zero heavy metal ( from mercury,lead, cadmium.)

👼 6. New bottle packaging
Easy to store,avoid unfinished portion might turn soggy and loss of taste🤭

👼 7. Train oral muscles, finger muscles and hand-eye coordination.

All of the tastes, textures, smells and sights of food are there for your baby to explore with their little hands, mouth, tongue and teeth or gums. Not only is this beneficial for their sensory development but it also helps familiarise them with a variety of foods in all their forms. Allowing baby to lead the process lets fun into meal times.



就是认为 以自己口味选择,才是给宝宝最好吃的




妈妈们在给宝宝选择饼干或米饼时,需要 从宝宝的身体角度去考虑,注意配料表,以越纯,越天然的原食材为佳。



米饼是 非油炸  非烘培食品。

制作原理是让原料在加压的情况下急速减压而制成米饼。 宝宝米饼的组织结构多孔蓬松,口感香脆、酥甜,具有一定的营养价值,很惹孩子们的喜爱。由于考虑到宝宝健康发育的需求,在米饼中搭配纯天然的水果,富含维生素和钙质,促进宝宝的骨骼牙齿发育,更有多种风味选择。

🔖[ MommyJ®宝宝纯米饼的7大特点]

👼🏻 1. 非油炸(X热气),非烘培(X高温营养流失)


👼🏻 2. 安全手指食物

進食任何食物也有哽塞的危機,所以考量到安全性,MommyJ®宝宝纯米饼是 特制的星星形状。四角之间有空隙以保留空间让空气在食道气道流通.


除此之外,MommyJ®宝宝纯米饼 容易就在宝宝嘴里融化了。

👼🏻 3. 完全不含不任何添加 

MommyJ®宝宝纯米饼只是由 3种原食材制成 ①白米 + ②糙米 + ③纯苹果/纯香蕉/纯蓝莓。

一般市面上的宝宝米饼都含有不少对宝宝无益的添加,比如:果糖Fructose,糖浆 Corn Syrup , Sugar,盐Salt,油(植物油Vegetable Oil/棕油Palm Oil),颜色素Food Colouring,香精Food Flavouring,玉米淀粉Corn Starch, 还有不少不知名的成分。我相信妈咪们也不想这些添加吃进娃儿们的肚里吧。

 👼4. 不是水果精华和/浓缩



👼 5. 国际权威检验局(SGS)食品检测

MommyJ®宝宝米饼都有拿去国际权威检验局(SGS)做检测。检测报告都是重金属 (汞、铅、镉)

👼🏻 6. 贴心罐子设计

经过改良,𝑴𝒐𝒎𝒎𝒚𝑱 ®宝宝纯米饼推出罐装设计,不用担心吃不完而导致漏风,失去口感等等问题。出门/旅行容易收纳,绝对是方便的贴心罐装设计。

👼🏻 7. 训练口腔肌肉、手指肌肉及手眼协调等等,孩子亦享受自主进食的過程

此过程可以促进宝宝的大脑发展,有助发展說話等等。也可從小体验不同食物的口感,手感。刺激感触,培阳对食的兴趣。若妈咪们欲知更多详情,可以自行上网查询婴儿导式饮食/Baby Led Weaning 

🔖Total Weight | 重量

45g per bottle/45g 一瓶


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