1. What is Food Powder? 什么是食物粉 ?
Food powders are the conversion of solid food products into powdery form without added substances. It can be used as a natural seasoning to enhance the flavor of dishes.

We transform 100% premium, natural or organic food ingredients into pure food powders which are made with state-of- art dehydration technology at a right temperature. By using this technology, the nutrients of different kind of foods can be retained such as protein, folic acid, iron, calcium, fibre and vitamins.


简说就是纯食物粉。 简述处理过程是我们首先筛选上等的食物原材料经过清洗杂物,然后在适当的温度下进行脱水过程(保存最佳营养),当食物原材料在干燥的状况下进行低温粉末处理,最后进行包装工作.

2. Do our FOOD Powder contains salt, sugar, other seasoning ingredients such as cube stock / synthetic MSG? 是否有添加盐分或任何调味等吗?
Our food powders are absolutely free from added salt, sugar, preservatives and chemicals which were being lab tested by SGS.

The taste would be natural as we focus on its nutritional value content instead of strong flavor which much healthier for childhood development and health. 1 teaspoon of food powder is enough for a child serving as it is suits to their taste bud instead of following the adult taste preferences.

Sodium contained in each food powders occurs naturally in most foods including meats, poultry, dairy products and vegetables. Rest assured that anchovy and whitebait are wash and soak few cycles to reduce sodium level before convert into powder form.

100% 纯料, 没任何添加!切记这个不是调味料, 而是食物粉末.


有的是天然味道, 因为我们注重的是营养.

如果大人重口味的话, 可以自行调盐(*也要看个人的舌蕾 是否重口味)

> 而避免小孩摄取过多的盐份(肾脏负担,影响脑部发展)就越天然越好.

** 江鱼仔/银鱼/干贝本身是海里食物,所以会带天然咸味。浸泡清洗几个回合来减低盐分.

** 大多数食品中包括肉类,禽类,乳制品和蔬菜都是有天然钠 存在,所以几乎不可能从饮 食中完全消除钠。可以放心的是,我们不曾添加任何盐分糖分,除了那天然来至食材本身的。

3. How our food powders is made? 制作程序?
By using dehydration technology, the nutrients of different kind of foods can be retained such as protein, folic acid, iron, calcium, fibre and vitamins.

It is not oil-fry or oven-baked which normally uses high heat for drying. The high temperature may destroy and reduce the nutrients content in the food.

Drying food under the sun also is not preferable due to an unhygienic environment.

精挑细选 品质优良 , 上等材料 / 有机食材

> 清洗 ,浸泡,挑选

> 我们的食物粉是用高科脱水方式 (保存最佳营养),之后才拿来打粉

XX 不是烘烤 XX 不是油炸 (高温杀死 好的营养)

XX 不是自然晒干,风干 (卫生问题)

4. How long can it be stored and how? 保鲜期与保存方式?
Food powder can last up to 12 months. However, it is advisable to consume when it is fresh within 2 to 3 months. It has longer shelf-life due to moisture loss of the food that prevents mould to grow easily.

The food powder can easily store in cool and dry area. But, try to avoid the food powder in contact with heat of stove, moisture and excessive air exposure.

It is also not recommended for the food powder to be stored in refrigerator as it will increase the moisture content of the food. High moisture content of food will create an environment for the mould to grow.

During cooking, ensure the spatula or spoon to be dried when scooping out the food powder and close tightly after usage.

12个月*建议在 2-3个月内趁新鲜食用.

因为高科脱水方式 ,除了保存最佳营养, 还能保存至少一年左右 (少了容易引起发霉的水分)


[放于阴凉,干燥处及避免高温,阳光直射 ]



5. What is the difference of our food powders with others? 比较差异
The best thing about MommyJ food powders is 100% pure powder with SGS Lab tested assurance made with the absence of preservatives, colouring, chemical growth promoters as well as no added sugar and salt.

The food powders are produced using electric hot air food dehydrator instead of oil-fried, oven-baked or sun dried which helps to retain the utmost nutrients and more hygienic.

Besides, most of the food powders are amorphous powders form from organic, natural and premium ingredient which made the powder superfine and easily to be digested by the infant and toddler.

1) 我们家 的 食物粉末 是 100% 纯料,有经过 SGS 验证

- 无防腐剂
- 无添加盐分
- 无添加糖分
- 无融化剂 / 防结块剂
- 无长肉剂

2) 使用上等材料
- 有机香菇来制粉.
- 有机苋菜.
- 安心鸡 ( 没长肉剂,无抗生素残留)
- 上等银鱼/江鱼仔 , 去头去内脏的, 不是黑身的。因此粉末的黑点很少。

3) 超粉幼的品质,而不是沙状的品质。不会引起小孩不适的口感.

4) 使用高科脱水方式来制粉 (以保存最佳 营养 )

- 不是烘烤 ,油炸 ( 高温杀死宝贵营养 )
- 不是 晒/风干 ( 卫生问题 )
6. How to use our food powders? 如何使用?
Food powder can be used for all food purpose. It is ready to be consumed or sprinkle onto soup, porridge or any other cooking process.

🍳 Great for 🍳

🍀 baby‘s solid food.
🍀 porridge.
🍀 soup.
🍀 fried rice , noodles.
🍀 steam dishes.
🍀 stir - fry.
🍀 noodles soup.
🍀 stew.
🍀 marinade.
🍀 steamboat soup base
the possibility are endless !

For example: Stir FOOD powder into hot water for instant stock broth, then may throw in some rice/noodles, vegetables/meat into these Stock broth. After all, you will have a delicious noodle soup/rice.

Please refer to more RECIPES at our Recipe Page.


忙碌的妈妈 想要准备 健康+容易+快速+美味 的食物 给小孩 + 家人

这绝对是妳 省时省力 的厨房好帮手!

多用途 食物粉, 可用于 :

🍀 宝宝粥 / 食物👶
🍀 煮饭
🍀 炒菜
🍀 炒饭
🍀 炒粉
🍀 炒肉
🍀 煲汤 (立即汤底 - 无需耗几个小时煲)
🍀 干捞面, 面汤
🍀 腌肉等等


当炒饭炒菜要 加水的时候,就把这些食物粉 一起调均匀后加入菜肴里头, 一起煮也可以.


如果是汤粥类 也可撒上去.

7. How long can a jar of powder last for? 一罐食物粉可以使用多久?
For frequent usage and cooking, normally consumer will replenish once every 2 to 3 months for more than 3 jars of food powder purchase at a time on average.

平均妈咪们如是买 三罐以上, 大概 每2 ~3 个月 就补货一次.


8. What is the feeding guide? 几个月宝宝可以食用?
Making appropriate food choices for the baby during the first year of life is very important. Rapid growth in muscles, body tissues and development of brain occurs during the first year than at any other time in the child's life.

It's important to feed the baby a variety of healthy foods at the proper time. Starting good eating habits at this early stage will help set healthy eating patterns for life. It is vital for parents and carers to make the most of this important opportunity to influence the child's future health and potential.

Note: Different baby have different immune system. Thus, we advise parents to do the following:

👶** Remember to perform the 3-days Wait Rule - by introducing 1 new food and observe for 3 days .

👶** Please consult with baby's Pediatricians before introducing new food.

A balance and varied diet and approach to food issues are important factors in preventing many health and development problems in young children and in their future including obesity, faltering growth and stunting, iron deficiency, specific nutrient deficiencies, dental caries and developmental delay.

👶** 每个小孩 不同体质 和 反应 , 介绍新的食物前 ,记得请教宝宝儿科医生)**

9. What is the difference between Anxin Chicken Food Powder and Premium Chicken Food Powder?
Anxin chicken is specially branded chicken meat because it is safer and healthier choice for the discerning consumers. The chicken is reared in a clean environment and using natural health supplements and probiotics such as Lactobacillus sp.

Both chicken food powder are similar in its properties whereby they are free from antibiotic chemical growth promoters or hormone, but premium chicken is without a special brand name.

10. Any side effects?
All our food powders are naturally produced without any additional substances. It has similar function as fresh food except the usage of it. Thus, balanced diet is the key to maintain a healthy body development and lifestyle.

11. Why is there sedimentation of food powders after cooking?
Food powders are made from purest ingredient which some precipitation may naturally occur and colour may varies from batch to batch. It is normal for food powders to sediment once cooked due the properties of powders as there are no added dissolvent. The sedimentation of food powders is safe to consume which contain nutritional properties inside it.

12. Can consume food powders during pregnancy / for medicated (cancer, diabetic) patient ?
All our food powders are safe to consume for all age stages and health conditions including pregnant and lactation mother. It is recommended for all due to its natural and nutritional value of food powder which good for health.

Please be aware that our food powder is a type of food ingredient for cooking purpose which different with food supplementation purpose.

Always consult pediatrician, gynecologist and physician about introducing new food to infant or toddler, pregnancy or lactation mother and medicated patient respectively.

13. How to ensure that bacteria in the meat products used such as beef and chicken are all killed off?
Meat products such as beef and chicken are cooked (steam) first before dehydrating it into food powders. Steaming at proper temperature is better than boiling as this helps to cut down on nutrient leaching besides destroying the food-borne bacteria such as Campylobacter, Listeria and Salmonella.

Another process in producing food powders also require dehydration process whereby the meat products are dried at right temperature. This will give an additional protection to ensure all bacteria are killed.

In fact, all meat products are stored and handled properly with good hygiene and manufacturing processes. Hence, all food powders are safe to be consumed with SGS Lab tested assurance.

14. Why there is some powder that stick on the internal wall of jar?
Most of our powders have superfine and smooth texture whereby it may susceptible to stickiness due to the presence of fibre or carbohydrate component particles as well as the van der Waals attractions between particles and the glass jar.