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Juice-rassic Baby Botanical Fruit & Vege Juice

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Juice-rassic Baby Botanical Fruit & Vege Juice | 宝宝天然营养果蔬汁

9 Types of Super Fruits 9种超级蔬果
Elderberry 接骨木莓果 | Gac Fruit 木鳖果 | Prickly Pear 仙人掌果 | Blueberry 蓝莓 | Orange 橘子 | Apple 苹果 | Avocadoo 牛油果 | Grape Seeds 葡萄籽

6 Types of Green Vegetables 6种绿色蔬菜
Barley Grass 大麦草 | Wheatgrass 小麦草 | Spinach 菠菜 | Celery 芹菜  | Spirulina 螺旋藻 | Blue-Green Algae 蓝绿

4 Types of Colorful Vegetables 4种有色蔬菜
Marigold Flower 万华菊虎 | Tomato 番茄 | Beetroot 甜菜根 | Pumpkin 南瓜

Product Certification | 产品认证:

  • HALAL Certified
  • MESTI Certified
  • GMP Certified
  • HACCP Certified
  • ISO 9001 Certified

Our Promise 我们的承诺

  • No Added Flavoring 无添加味素
  • No Added Colouring 无添加色素

Special Nutritions | 特殊营养:

  • Rich in Antioxidant 富含看氧化剂
  • Rich in Anthocyanin 富含花青素
  • Pack with Dietary Fiber 富含膳食纤维
  • High Vitamin C 富含维生素C
  • Rich in β-Carotene 富含β-胡萝卜素
  • Contain High Chlorophyll 富含叶绿素
  • Rich in Amino Acids 富含氨基酸
  • Rich in Lycopene 富含番茄红

Benefits | 产品好处:

  • Each pouch contains 19 types of Fruits & Vegetable
  • Promote Baby's Respiratory System 促进宝宝的呼吸系统
  • Boost Baby's Immune System 增强宝宝的免疫系统
  • Promote Baby's Healthy Vision 促进宝宝健康视力
  • No Cholesterol Detected 不含胆固醇

Net Weigth | 重量:

30 sachets (小包) x 30ml

Serving Direction | 食用方式:

1 sachet per serving, once daily. Shake well before drink. Keep cool for better taste.

Embrace Nature's Surprises! 拥抱大自然的惊喜!
You might notice a little change in the color & texture of our product from batch to batch. It's all part of the natural charm of using fresh ingredients. You might also spot some sediment in there, but no worries, that's just nature doing its thing! 妈咪们可能会注意到我们的产品批次之间的颜色和质地略有变化。这都是因为我们使用了新鲜食材的自然魅力。妈咪们可能还会发现一些沉积物,但不用担心,这只是大自然天然果汁的正常作用哦!


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